Car Sponsor - Get Your Vehicle Sponsored is the internet’s sole car tuning organization that can guarantee a car sponsorship for you.  We are a true organization, meaning that we work on your behalf to obtain exclusive car sponsorships for your team, car, or company.  With our service, you are guaranteed to receive free products in exchange for advertising our partner’s names or logos.  Doing this simple thing will enable you to receive sponsored products free of charge in the mail! 

Air Horn has teamed up with the Internet’s premiere retailers to offer car sponsorships that are guaranteed for its members. is a complete sponsorship organization that has developed deep ties with several industries leading car tuning websites that are willing to sponsor members.  With your membership you are guaranteed to receive FREE products from websites that sponsor your car, so long as you display their webpage sticker on your vehicle. is the only place on the internet that guarantees you a full vehicle sponsorship.  Again, we GUARANTEE a car sponsorship for you – you will receive free products for your vehicle. was created for people who are looking to modify their vehicles on a limited budget.  We offer free sponsorships in exchange for advertising space on your vehicle.  Car is the only place you should visit if you are looking to modify your vehicle with limited funds but open opportunities. 

How can we provide this service?

We have been involved with the marketing of vehicle performance parts for over ten years.  In that time, we have developed relationships with virtually every manufacturer and company that sells aftermarket performance parts.  This relationship allows us to go to work for you!  These companies know that consumer to consumer marketing is the best – and therefore they allot millions of dollars of car parts for promotion.  If you are willing to display their advertising on your vehicle you are guaranteed to receive FREE parts for your car. 

Am I guaranteed to receive free parts?

YES, you are guaranteed to receive free parts from the world’s largest aftermarket performance parts manufactures.  Sometimes the manufacturer will ask that you advertise their company on your vehicle, and other times they will not – you simply must install their product.  You will only receive parts that are specific to your vehicle!

How can you guarantee that I receive free parts?

We have exclusive relationships with the top companies in the industry.  They have signed an exclusive agreement with us guaranteeing that they will put aside millions of dollars of free car parts in exchange for us being able to advertise their companies on people’s vehicles.  By placing advertising on your vehicle, we guarantee that you will receive free parts specific to your make, model and year!

What kind of parts can I expect to receive?

Depending on your make and model, you can expect to receive anything from HID kits, body kits, performance parts, performance chips, wheels, headlights, interior parts, shift knobs, racing seats, and exhausts.  In most cases, people receive multiple parts per vehicle.

How does this service work?

Our team of application specialists review your application and makes sure all of the required information is provided.  From there, your application is handed over to our Business Development managers who pinpoint the exact companies that would be interested in sponsoring your vehicle.  We forward your request and guarantee that the company will sponsor your vehicle.

What do you have to do to receive these parts?

There are three parts to the equation:

  1. Fill out the application and pay the applicable fee
  2. We will contact you about which company is willing to offer you a sponsorship. 
  3. We will send you the parts and advertising materials – you must send us proof that you are advertising the company that chose to sponsor your vehicle.  You can do this by emailing us a picture of your vehicle within 30 days of us sending the parts to you.


I still have questions that weren’t answered here.

You can contact our customer service agents by calling (954) 726-7624 or by sending us an email at